About Teaching at Vaughan

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Teaching English with Vaughan in Spain

Vaughan is the leading English language firm in Spain with over 39 years of experience.

Since the company was founded in 1977, we have sustained an unshakeable faith in the one single tenet that has made our company a leader:

The success of a language-training program depends solely on the human and technical caliber of the trainer. All the rest is pure adornment.

We have 340 teachers who provide more than 29,000 hours per month of language training to over 12,000 students; from senior corporate directors to recent graduates and young learners. We are present in Madrid, Santander, Valladolid, Valencia, Vigo, Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville and Zaragoza. We also run several residential centers throughout Spain including “Vaughan Town” a one-week immersion program in some of the most stunning rural locations in Spain.

Our teachers come from a multitude of professional and personal backgrounds: musicians, lawyers, bankers, helicopter pilots, doctors, sports coaches, firefighters and many others.

So, if you are interested in an adventure with us; what are you waiting for?

The Production Team

Aindrias Fitzgerald

Aindrias Fitzgerald

Fitz is the Director of Production; the department responsible for recruiting and training our top notch teachers. Like the rest of the team, he began his Vaughan journey as a teacher. You can find out more about his story here:


Marta Martínez

Marta Martínez

Marta is the Coordinator of Teacher Recruitment and Training. Along with Micky and Fitz she runs the two week training course and makes sure that we have the best teachers in Spain. Marta’s responsibilities revolve around the selection process and ensuring that teachers have all the support that they need.

Micky Lennard

Micky Lennard

Micky joined Vaughan Systems in 2005 as a freelance teacher. Before moving into the Teacher Recruitment and Training department he spent almost 9 years as a teacher on our Master’s programs. He is responsible for the teaching quality in Vaughan Systems and spends most of his time running the two week training course and providing support to current teachers.