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Teaching English / Non EU Citizens

Vaughan Systems we have over three hundred teachers that come from an array of different cultural backgrounds. Some have dual nationality; for example, some hold both Irish and American passports – entitling them to work in an EU country like Spain.

In order to work legally in Spain, a potential employee needs to hold both a NIE (Foreigner Identification number) and a social security number (or the eligibility to apply for both). Without these official documents, it is not possible to work legally in Spain. However, read on – there are other scenarios:

The first thing you should do is to check if you have recent ancestry from a European Union (or Swiss, Norwegian or Icelandic) member state – the best option is to contact your nearest embassy or consulate of the country in question. Each country has different citizenship criteria - though the majority of nations will only grant citizenship where the link is to the previous one or two generations.

If you are married to an EU citizen, then you are, at least in theory, eligible to obtain an EU passport.

At Vaughan Systems we recruit and train all throughout the year; so once you have possession of either an EU passport or an unrestricted work visa, we’ll be happy to review your application. We, unfortunately, cannot support a candidate’s application for acquiring such a work visa. Neither can we hire on a student visa.

FAQ´s for teacher´s

Do you provide accommodation?

 We don’t provide accommodation but you can find information in “Useful Tips”.

Do I need to speak Spanish to teach for you?

You don’t. In fact, we use very little Spanish in the classes at all.

Does it matter that I don’t have any teaching experience?

On the contrary, our preference is that you have little or no experience but, if you do, we’re still interested in talking to you.

Do I have to be a native speaker?

If you are not a native English speaker, but have native ability with the language then you can work here. Many of our very best teachers are not natives.

Do you sponsor non-EU candidates?

We can't, unfortunately, hire those who do not hold a European Union passport or Spanish residency). Neither can we hire Student Visa holders.

Vaughantown is an amazing experience; no work permit required.

How many students will there be in each class?

The maximum is 6, or 8 with with junior learners or job seekers.

What’s the typical teacher profile?

We have teachers from 40 different nationalities, aged between 21 and 64. Most of them had never been English teachers before they joined us.

What’s the typical teacher profile?

It doesn’t exist! Our teachers have diverse backgrounds, experience and personalities. We have everything from professional clowns to IT technicians: each and every teacher has their own unique style. What is important, however, is that all teachers are able to effectively use our method. When clients come to us, they’re looking for a common core even if every teacher is different.

How many hours a week will I work?

A full-time teacher can expect to work around 20 - 25 hours a week but many of our teachers work with us on a part-time basis.

Do I need my own transport?

No, although it can be useful for freelance teachers.

Do I have to do the training course even if I have previous teaching experience?

Yes. Our clients sign up with us because they want classes with our style and philosophy but, most of all, with our teachers who most embody that same style.

Do I need to have a good knowledge of English grammar?

No, but of course, if you do, it helps. Many of our teachers start the training course with virtually no knowledge of English grammar (that was certainly my case – Fitz).

Will I have to work weekends?

Contract teachers will have to work on Saturdays until lunchtime. Weekend work is not likely for freelance teachers.

Can I choose which programs I teach on?

We take your location preferences and work type (contract or freelance) preferences into account but those preferences must also match current demand

How long is a typical class?

Classes can be anything from 45 minutes to 4 hours and everything in between. The average in-company class lasts an hour while the average contract teacher class lasts 3 hours

Will my classes change each month?

This depends on the type of programme you are assigned to. Teachers assigned to in-company classes, working off-site, are likely to be assigned to their students for a full academic year. Teachers working on our premises will be assigned to programmes varying from one week to 9 months – most typically for 3 months at a time.

Useful Tips

A map of the Madrid metro should be useful finding your way around Madrid. Visit the website here.


To help you pack just right for the weather, please click here.

Here are some links where you can find reasonably-priced flights to Madrid:

Hotels & Hostels:

Below is a list of places that teachers and volunteers have suggested in the past (please note Vaughan has no formal connection with any of these locations and bears no responsibility for the service):

Eurobuilding 2 Apartments Calle Orense, 69 +34 915716794
NH Eurobuilding Padre Damián, 23 +34 913537300
NH Habana Paseo de la Habana, 73 +34 914430720
Sunotel Amaral Calle General Varela, 37 +34 915799738
Cats Hostel Calle Cañizares, 6 +34 913692807
Albergue Juvenil Mejia Leqerica, 21 +34 915939688
Hostal Salamanca Calle José Ortega y Gasset 89 +34 914024046
Hostal Berlin Calle Independencia, 2 1ºD +34 915470365
Hostal Cruz Sol Plaza Santa Cruz, 6, 3º +34 915327197
Hostal La Fontana Calle Valverde, 6-1º +34 915218449
Hostal Armesto Calle San Agustín, 6 +34 914299031
Hostal La Posada de Huertas Calle Huertas, 21 +34 914295526
Hostal La Vera Calle Magdalena, 21 - 2ºD +34 913691738
Excelsior Gran Via, 50 +34 915473400
Albergue RC Miguel Angel Plaza Celenque, 1 - 4-Izq +34 915222355
MuchoMadrid Hostal Calle Gran via, 59 - 7º dcha, +34 915592350
Hostal Persal Plaza de Ángel, 12 +34 913694643
Hostal Residencia Don Diego Calle Velázquez, 45 +34 914314263
Hostal Palma 61 Jemasaca Calle La Palma, 61 - 1º dcha +34 915327011
Hostal Castilla II Puerta del Sol Marqués Viudo de Pontejos, 2 - 1º +34 915325738