Teacher Training

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Training with Vaughan

Our training course is a vital element of our success. Our reputation is based solely on the quality of the teachers that we work with and therefore we need to be sure that all our teachers effectively use our method. Most of all, we coach our teachers to ignite their students’ imagination and truly motivate them. Everyone who works with us, regardless of experience, completes our training programme.


In two intense but unforgettable weeks, we train you in the fundamentals of being a great teacher.

The schedule is as follows:

9:30 - 13:00 Group Sessions


  • Our style of teaching
  • the range of Vaughan books that you’ll use in class
  • basic grammar points
  • how to make the students work hard yet wanting to come back the next day

15:00 - 18:00 Practice Classes:

You'll teach “real” Spanish students who will evaluate you so that you know, daily, what you’re doing well and in which areas you need to improve.


You will also be set daily homework tasks, all of which will help you become an outstanding teacher.


This is a glimpse of a typical Vaughan training course with Marta, one of our star trainers:

Where it Takes Place

The training course takes place in our Madrid offices, 1st floor, Eurobuilding 2, Calle Orense 69, Madrid 28020

Do I Need any Qualifications or Experience?

It’s not necessary to have previous teaching experience but you do need determination, perseverance, humility and self-confidence. We look for individuals capable of being passionate about their work.

Why We Don’t Charge for It

We don’t charge for the training course because we only train those people who we believe really have what it takes to become a great teacher in our organisation. However we do require, in return for our investment in training you, a commitment of at least one academic year. You can find useful information regarding accommodation and living in Spain by clicking here.

What We Expect from You

You will be professional, dedicated exhibit total responsibility, show interest in your job and demonstrate a commitment to constantly improve. We don't require any teaching experience or ESL certificates such as CELTA, TEFL, DELTA, etc; however, we do expect you to have professional experience and/or a university degree.

What You Can Expect from Us

We will thoroughly train you, help you to improve constantly and start you off on a rewarding and fulfilling teaching career.