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We want people capable of not just teaching in the traditional sense but willing to inspire, motivate, coax and cajole students into solving their English problem.

There is a strong tradition of a career path in Vaughan for our teachers in everything from Marketing to Sales to Management, designing digital learning platforms, Publishing and Recruiting and Teacher Training.

We want dynamic, passionate, fun, professional and determined people. Think of the best teacher you have ever had; think of their love for what they did. That’s what we want.

You don’t need to know anything about teaching; we’ll coach and train you to coach and train your students. You just need a natural interest in helping others, and yourself, improve. Our style of teaching is agile, dynamic and fast paced. Some have described our method as verbal table tennis. We firmly believe that the success of the class ultimately depends on the caliber of the teacher and their ability to inspire students.

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Do you want to make a difference to people’s lives?

Do you want to be an unforgettable, inspiring teacher?

Do you want to help students solve a life-long English problem?

Do you want to live in one of Europe’s most beautiful and exciting cities?

If so, check out the great job opportunities in the Vaughan job center.

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