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Freelance & Contract Positions, Barcelona - one of Europe’s most stunning and cosmopolitan cities


Freelance & Contract Positions, Bilbao - home of the Guggenheim and Spain’s gourmet capital


Freelance & Contract Positions, Madrid – simply a great place to live


Freelance & Contract Positions, Valencia – lesser known gem on the shores of the Mediterranean


Freelance & Contract Positions, Valladolid – great food and wine region, with a great cost of living


Freelance & Contract Positions, Vigo – Galicia, enchanted forests, seafood, also a great cost of living


Freelance & Contract Positions, Santander – elegant, captivating beach city on the Atlantic north coast


Freelance Positions, Seville – Spain’s most romantic city of orange trees, flamenco and cathedrals


Freelance & Contract Positions, Zaragoza – old Roman city of Basilicas, palaces and great tapas

What is a freelance/autonomo teacher?

 A freelance Vaughan teacher coaches business executives in their places of work. The option is very well suited to those teachers who prefer being quite independent; although we assign you classes and provide you with training and support. We also help you register with Hacienda (Spanish Government Revenue and Income Tax services) and the Spanish Social Security Service.

 The hourly rate is €19 pre-tax per hour, rising to €19.90 after six months if you receive positive evaluations from your students and coordinators.

As a freelance teacher you are obliged to make two monthly payments to the Spanish government. One is IRPF (Spanish income tax) which is fixed at 15% or 7% (you can choose your rate). You are also obliged to make a fixed monthly payment to the Spanish Social Security Service:

1st 6 months (new freelance worker in Spain): 80% discount, you pay €55.78  

Months 7 to 12: 50% discount, you pay €134.06

Months 13 to 18: 30% discount, you pay €186.25

After month 18 you revert to a monthly payment of approximately €280 

Click here to download a typical freelance teacher timetable

All classes are accessible by public transport and your timetable is designed to give you ample travel time.

Contract teachers at Vaughan         

Offered a Fijo Discontinuo contract (a fixed contract where you work 10 months per year). A typical example is that you work from the 1st of October 2015 to the 31st of July 2016, deactivated from the 1st of August 2016 to the 30th of September 2016 and reactivated again on the 1st of October 2016.

You will typically be offered a 25 hour per week contract which means you will be assigned up to and including 25 teaching hours per week. The holiday entitlement for this contract is 21.5 days. If you wish to work on a part-time basis, you would be offered a reduced contract; for example – a 20 hour contract if you can only work evenings and Saturdays.

You are paid €15 per teaching hour for Monday to Friday classes and €19 per hour for Saturday classes. This rises to €15.75 and €19.75, respectively, after 6 months once you have positive reviews. If, for example, you teach 100 hours in a month (€1,500), you receive your base salary (€944) at the end of the month in question and the balance (€556) a week later.

For example, you would receive €944 on the 31st of October and €556 on the 6th of November. All figures used are before tax and payments are made by transfer to your Spanish bank.

There are opportunities, based on merit, to apply for a Fijo Ordinario contract (a permanent contract without the deactivation period) once you have been successfully working for us for about 9 months or so.

We also provide a limited number of contracts with a fixed salary for teaching telephone classes.

Click here to download a typical contract teacher timetable 

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