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Having good manners is great for both business and personal success. Now imagine having that and being able to confidently express yourself in English! Through the Everyday Etiquette Show you will not only improve your listening comprehension and expand your professional and formal vocabulary but you will learn and improve your social and business etiquette skills. The show aims to navigate the everyday life and business situations and help you become aware of the acceptable norms in our daily lives. Whether a recent graduate preparing for the 1st job interview or a seasoned business executive venturing into new markets, the Everyday Etiquette Show will prepare you to confidently step into your next role.

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Njekwa Mwamba

Njekwa was born in the Southern African state of Zambia but spent her adult life in Namibia. She is a true citizen of the world with family and friends on almost all continents of the world. She is a Banking and Finance lawyer by profession but has always been fascinated by the human mind and behavior: perhaps a missed opportunity to have become a Psychologist instead? Growing up in a country with about 72 Bantu languages (or dialects) and having lived in 5 continents, she noticed just how similar yet so different people and cultures are. She believes that the importance of language and one’s ability to harmoniously interact with others can never be overstated. Through the years she developed an interest in Etiquette and Protocol, leading her to become a self taught Etiquette and Protocol Consultant. Njekwa has a passion for imparting knowledge that builds and shapes bolder and confident human beings with the ability to form meaningful relationships. She speaks 6 languages and is a strong advocate for women empowerment. She loves travelling and learning about the different cultures. Her hobbies include reading, doing crossword puzzles, swimming and volunteering for causes close to her heart.

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