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The Job at Vaughan Systems

Do you want to teach English in Spain but don’t have a qualification?

Look no further; we provide full, free of charge teacher training in our style and philosophy. You don’t need a TEFL, CELTA or any previous teaching experience; we’re much more interested in you.

We need humble yet self-confident people from all kinds of backgrounds and nationalities to take up key positions in our teaching team.

Our 350 teachers range in age from 21 to 65, come from 40 different nationalities and a multitude of previous professions. We teach students from 4 year old first time English learners to hard-nosed corporate executives.

If you’re in the market for a vocation you will love, not just a job, please click here


Teacher Testimonials

Julia Nowicki

Club Junior Teacher Coordinator

Julia’s is a typical eclectic Vaughan story. She was born in Gdansk, Poland, grew up in Hamburg and learned her English in the cornfields of Nebraska. She began her career in Vaughan as a teacher and has subsequently worked in everything from coordinating the Club Junior Department to writing and editing books and hosting a radio show.

Layla Chapoy


Layla is half-American and half-Spanish; growing up in California before moving to Spain with her family and joining Vaughan in 2004. She has gone on to become one of our most successful teachers, also presenting Radio and TV shows and authoring books.

Alberto Alonso

Radio and TV. Presenter

Alberto also started his Vaughan career as a teacher and is now one of Spain’s most recognisable English teachers, Radio and TV stars and authors. He has made a name for himself as a teacher to many of the best known celebrities in Spain, from TV personalities to famous football players.



Vaughan Systems Teacher Training Courses

Apply now and if your application and Skype interview is successful, we will secure your place on a Vaughan Systems Teacher Training course:

We do our best to take location preferences into consideration, but these cannot be guaranteed until completion of the training.