Teach English in Spain

Teach English in Spain

Teach English in Spain

Vaughan Teacher Training

We provide free of charge, online teacher training in our style and philosophy

No previous experience required.

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Free Premium Training

We provide full, free-of-charge training in our style and philosophy. Our expert Teacher Training team will teach you how to inspire and to motivate students.


Agile and Dynamic Style

Our style of teaching is agile, dynamic and fast paced. We firmly believe that the success of the class ultimately depends on the caliber of the teacher and their ability to inspire students.


Career Path

There is a strong tradition of a career path in Vaughan for our teachers in everything from Marketing & designing digital learning platforms, to being a TV or Radio Presenter.


Diverse Teacher Backgrounds

We look for people who are passionate about their jobs and who are willing to apply that passion and enthusiasm to our teaching style.

Vaughan Radio

All of our radio shows are presented by teachers and we are constantly on the lookout for new talent.



Over 300 publications to our name, all authored by teachers. Do you have the next best-selling idea?

Inspire, motivate, coach

Aindrias Fitzgerald

“I had never taught a class in my life until I came here, but, at the end of those two weeks, I knew how to teach, I knew how to motivate, I knew how to inspire”.

- Aindrias Fitzgerald | Director of Teacher Recruitment & Training

Marta Martínez

“We are looking for people who are willing to work really hard and people who are going to be self-critical. The training course is very tough, it’s a lot of work but, I guarantee, that it pays off”.

- Marta Martínez | Teacher Recruitment & Training

Micky Lennard

“The teacher candidates that we work with come from very diverse backgrounds. We train them to pour that energy and that enthusiasm into the classroom, into the classes, into the students”.

- Micky Lennard | Teacher Recruitment & Training


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