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Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to work abroad...?

Do you want to become an exceptional teacher and make a real difference in the classroom?

Does the idea of starting a career in a reputable and thriving company appeal to you...?

Vaughan Systems, leading English language recruitment firm in Spain and founder of the first bilingual radio and digital English-language learning TV channel, seeks teachers for important projects.

If you’re looking for an exciting opening to work abroad while discovering Spain and its culture, Vaughan Systems is looking for enthusiastic and professional individuals who wish to join their team of teachers.

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Volunteering as a concept has a simple definition, but only when you experience it do you realize that there’s a lot more to it than just giving away a few hours of your life.

Yet, if by giving to others you can personally benefit then why not do it?
The key is to realize that that benefit has to be healthy, related to your own personal growth and improvement.

By Volunteering you’re helping but you are also being helped. You’re learning about yourself, how you handle situations, people, problems. That’s the benefit. That’s what’s in it for you.
Realizing that it’s a two way street, that you’re not actually doing anyone a favour but that that favour is mutual. Normally, one as a Volunteer has some sort of advantage, be it by speaking a language at native level, or even having running water. Normally one has a little more to give, but what you learn makes it more than worth while.

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